Grant Deadline Approaching

September 30:  NPS Tribal Historic Preservation Office Grants          

Grant Deadline Approaching

October 1: National Trust Preservation Funds      

Grant Deadline Approaching

October 10:  MN Historical and Cultural (Legacy) Grants Fast Track  

Workshop Approaching

October 21-28: Disaster Response: the Critical First 48 Hours.  WI C2C offers this 1-day workshop in 5 WI locations  


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Midwest Art Conservation Center

is a resource for artists, cultural and professional institutions, and private individuals. Our staff of Senior Conservators, Conservators and Associate Conservators has renowned expertise in the treatment of works of art and historic artifacts. Committed to continuing professional education, they bring the most current standards, materials, and techniques to their daily practice. Art and objects of extraordinary value are entrusted to the center each day.